As of March 18th for the safety and health of our guests, staff and community, we are temporarily closing our park. We are sad to have to do this, but feel at this time it is what we should do. We are all in this together and we so look forward to welcoming you back once again! Please feel free to contact us via telephone or email for any questions! 




August 15, 2018
As a fun-filled opportunity for youth, Altitude Trampoline Park is the best choice for an unforgettable indoor adventure.  Skip the all-night lock-in and the carwash sunburn…  We’ve got you covered for highly engaging, active adventures with tweens, teens and young adults.
The trampoline has grown up.  And it’s exponentially more fun!  Trampoline parks offer a healthy, social place for having fun and making memories.
Here are the top benefits of choosing Altitude Trampoline Park for your next youth group event.
Uniquely Active
Our visitors love jumping at Altitude because of the unique physical activity the park provides.  It’s easy to get your heart rate up and your metabolism moving while just having fun. These health benefits are especially enjoyable when shared with friends and family. They’re just playing around or climbing a wall, but participants can increase their core strength, coordination, reaction time and confidence.
More than One Way to Bounce
The trampoline has grown up.  You might be surprised to see how many options trampoline parks provide. Attractions include the Clip n Climb challenges, extreme dodgeball, a basketball area, several foam pits, and a separate area for toddlers who may come with adults.  Your youth group will be able to reach new heights bouncing, flipping, diving or climbing.     
Great for Team-Building
Camaraderie happens so naturally here.  Laughter and shared experiences make memories that make teams.  This type of experience can be healthy for creating and strengthening friendships. The fun and activity allow opportunity to build a sense of community.  Youth of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds will have fun together in a joyful environment.  
No Weather Worries
Rainouts are never a concern for your group since it’s always the perfect climate inside the park. The weather won’t kill your plans. Here, you can book your occasion with confidence. Watch friendship and fellowship bloom with indoors… hot or cold, rain or shine.
Something for Everyone
Meeting the needs of a diverse group can be tricky. With multiple activities to choose from, Altitude Trampoline Park provides an inclusive environment. From the barely-budding tumbler to the elite gymnast in your group, there is something for everyone. You don’t have to be an athlete (or even a kid) to have a good time here.  Altitude is an ADA certified facility.
With ample physical, social, and community building opportunities, your youth group will enjoy their visit to Altitude Jacksonville.   Reach new heights together at Altitude!  Learn more on our Group Events Page.
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