Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults During the Coronavirus Crisis

March 25, 2020

Having teenagers confined to home during the coronavirus crisis may not be as labor-intensive as being holed up with small Quick read more or view full article children, but it definitely has its challenges. While younger children may be thrilled at the prospect of having parental attention 24/7, adolescents are likely to feel differently.

Here are some tips for parenting teenagers (and young adults suddenly home from college) during this time:

Emphasize social distancing 

The first challenge with teens and young adults may be getting them to comply with the guidelines for social distancing.

Teenagers tend to feel invincible, points out David Anderson, PhD, a clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, and they are likely to be well aware that the new coronavirus is not as problematic for their age range as it is for older people. Parents are reporting a lot of pushback when teens are told they can’t go out and get together with friends. “The fact that data actually is on their side, that coronavirus is less severe for them, is a problem in terms of getting them to follow along,” says Dr. Anderson. “They want to see their friends, and don’t see why the social distancing should apply to them.”

Parents are asking what to tell them. “Our answer is that exposure to this virus is an exponential thing, and that it’s not really about them,” says Dr. Anderson.  “It’s not really about the fact that they feel fine or the fact that coronavirus doesn’t affect them as much. It’s the fact that they could be asymptomatic carriers and they could kill others, including their grandparents.”

One thing to emphasize, he adds, is: “You just can’t know that your friends are well. And while you may be comfortable taking that risk, you’re also bringing that back in your house.”

Understand their frustration over not seeing friends

For teenagers and young adults, friends are hugely important, and they are supposed to be — bonding with peers is one of the essential developmental tasks of adolescents. If your teen is sulking about being stuck at home with parents and siblings, a direct conversation might be helpful, says Rachel Busman, PsD, a clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute.

Acknowledge that you know it’s frustrating for them to be cut off from friends. Listen to what they’re feeling, validate those feelings and then be direct about how you can work together to make this situation bearable.

Loosening rules about time spent on social media, for instance, will help compensate for the socializing time lost with school closings. Encourage them to be creative about new ways to interact with their friends socially.

Support remote schooling 

 Parents are reporting feeling pressured and confused about how to help kids with remote learning. With younger children, notes Dr. Anderson, it’s more a matter of finding fun activities that can be educational. But with older students, keeping up with expectations from school can be challenging, especially for those with ADHD, learning disorders or organization issues.

“I’m completely overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to structure a school day,” one mom told us. “I was never planning on homeschooling my kids. I don’t have training in this.”

You can help teenagers — and college students who’ve been sent home — create a realistic schedule for getting work done in defined periods, building in breaks and times for socializing, exercising and entertainment. The key principle: do a session of work first, then reward yourself with something relaxing. Keep in mind that it’s not going to be as effective as school, but it may get to be more effective over time as everyone on the school front, as well as the home front, works to improve remote learning.

Encourage healthy habits

Teenagers and young adults will do better during this stressful time if they get adequate sleep, eat healthy meals and exercise regularly. Keeping a consistent sleep schedule, with predictable times to wake up and go to bed, is especially important to maintaining a positive mood and their ability to fulfill academic expectations.

Healthy habits are particularly important for young people who may be struggling with anxiety or depression. Losing the routines you’ve come to rely on can be a big source of stress, so Jill Emanuele, PhD, a clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, recommends establishing new routines. “Make sure you’re eating properly and sleeping and being social and engaging in pleasant activities, ” she says, while also warning that young adults should avoid sleeping too much when they’re housebound. “There’s more of an ability to sleep at home, and while rest is important right now you still need to be active.”

Dr. Emanuele also notes that having family members around more often can feel overwhelming or create strain. “Families will need to diffuse tensions in the home with parents and siblings, because everyone is going to be stressed out more,” she says. “How to do it will be different for every family, but parents are going to want to think about when to give young people more freedom and how to make sure that their kids’ time is still structured. Everyone should be contributing in some way.”

Validate their disappointment 

For many the most painful part of the coronavirus crisis will be losing important experiences: high school sports seasons, proms, theater productions, high school and college graduations. And while we’re all missing out on very valued activities, adds Dr. Anderson, “it’s especially problematic for teenagers who are wired in their brains to think about novelty and pleasure seeking and seeking out new frontiers to be limited in this way.”

Give them room to share their feelings and listen without judgment (or without reassuring them that everything will be fine).

Some will be worried about missing activities expected to help them with college applications and scholarships. Kids are understandably wondering how this will affect their futures. Again, give them room to share how they are feeling and acknowledge the real stress they may be under. Then express confidence in your child’s ability to rebound.

Help them practice mindfulness

Mindfulness techniques can be very helpful in this kind of situation, where our routines are disrupted and we may feel overwhelmed by frustration and disappointment. Mindfulness teaches us to tune into our emotions in any given moment and experience them without judgment.

In what’s called “radical acceptance,” we let ourselves sit with our emotions rather than fighting them. As Joanna Stern, PsyD, a clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, explains, “You tell yourself it’s okay to feel anxious right now. It’s okay to feel scared. It’s okay to feel angry. You’re accepting the feelings you have and validating them because we’re all having those feelings. It’s really important that you accept them as they are rather than fighting them.”

In other words, says Dr. Stern, “We say to ourselves: ‘This sucks, and I’m going to be sad about it, and I’m going to be angry about it, and I’m going to feel anxious about it,’ or whatever it is. This then allows us to move on and say, ‘Okay, so now what needs to be done?’ “

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Your Teen Night Questions Answered

October 10, 2018
If you are looking for a safe and healthy hangout for young people, Altitude Jax Quick read more or view full article Teen Night is for you. Friends can enjoy a night of healthy activity and social fun without screens! 

Here are all your teen night questions answered.

What ages are Teen Nights for?
Teen night included ages 13 to 19.

What are Teen Night hours?
Every Saturday night, between 8 and 11 pm.

What is included? Cost?
Teen Night Admission includes: 3 hours of jump time, 2 slices of pizza and a bottle of water – all for just $18.00.
Complete the initial waiver online,verify it, buy a pass, and get your teens ready for Altitude Jax’s Teen Night. They’ll experience a new high-flying “Face Time.” 

Friday Night Friendzy 
We offer the same great deal on Friday nights for ages 9-13 from 7PM – 10PM! See you there! 
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Planning Your Visit to Altitude Jax

October 8, 2018
You have heard the rave reviews, seen the cool photos, and are ready to plan your visit to Altitude Trampoline Quick read more or view full article Park.  Be prepared for the best visit possible!  Here’s what you need to know for your first visit and some safety rules you’ll want to know.

Signing Waivers


Everyone must have a valid, signed Altitude Trampoline Park - Jacksonville waiver to enter beyond the lobby, even if you aren’t jumping. In the front entrance, there are kiosks you can use to complete your waiver, or you can complete the waiver online. All waivers must then be verified with a valid photo ID before entering the jump park area. If jumpers are under 18, waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and then verified by front desk staff. Once verified, the waiver can be conveniently used for 12 months.

What to Wear
You want to be comfortable when trampolining. Here’s the low-down on jumping gear:
  • All jumpers must have Altitude Trampoline safety socks. These can be purchased at the front counter for $2.50 or $4.00 and can be reused for future visits. 
  • If you want to try the Clip and Climb, closed toes shoes are required and long hair must be tied back.
  • Wear clothes that allow you to have freedom of movement but will stay in place as you jump.  Clothing that is too tight may rip.  Clothing that is too loose may obscure vision or become a trip hazard. 
  • Wear your wrist band. You will be given a specific color wrist band at check-in. You don’t have to worry about watching the clock. When your jump time is over, an announcement will be made for your color.
  • No jewelry, sharp objects, watches, etcetera. You must also empty your pockets prior to jumping. 
*We have lockers for your personal items*

Jumping Safety Rules
It’s important that you have a good time and can jump safely.  To ensure safety for all jumpers, we enforce the following general jumping safety rules. Check out our safety videofor a quick visual orientation.
  • To prevent choking, no food, drinks, gum or candy are permitted while jumping. 
  • To protect jumpers, trampoline surfaces and your belongings, cell phones, cameras, sharp items, belts, buckles, etc… are not allowed on trampolines. 
  • Young (and young at heart) should jump to their own physical ability. If you need to rest, please exit trampolines instead of sitting or lying down. This allows you and others to jump safely.
  • Large trampoline areas have smaller square sections. To protect jumpers, one bouncer is permitted per square. Double bouncingis prohibited.
*This is not a complete list of rules*

Advanced Jumping Rules
  • No double flips or tricks please. A single flip, two times in a row is ok!  (And impressive!)
  • Bouncing and flipping off sidewalls requires landing within the first sidewall-adjoining trampoline.
We take the safety of all jumpers seriously.  Rules are designed to keep adults and children safe. We work to ensure that children are admitted with parent/guardian permission and have age and ability-appropriate places to jump.  
Now, let’s have some FUN reaching new heights at Altitude Jax! Complete your waiver, buy a pass, and grab your gear.  Check out our daily specialsand discover your family’s favorite destination for fun!
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August 20, 2018
Jacksonville has limited options for kid’s birthday party venues. If your looking for an environment that isn’t driven by video Quick read more or view full article games and keeps your youngsters laughing and moving, Altitude Jacksonville is a great birthday destination for you. 
You may be wondering: is it just trampolines?  Not anymore!  The trampoline has grown up (but you don’t have to!).  Altitude jumpers enjoy multiple activities like climbing, foam pits, and of course… bounding and flying high!
5 reasons to choose Altitude Trampoline Park for your birthday party:
  1. Something for Everyone
    Partygoers with boundless energy can take advantage of our dodgeball and basketball courts. The more adventurous guests will have a great time on the tumbling tracks, foam pit, and climbing area. We even have a designated toddler area and low-impact activities great for those who are “kids at heart”! This extraordinary venue is sure to create lasting memories for the whole family!
  2. No Party Planning or Clean-up 
    Planning a party for kids can be a hassle. And there’s decorating, cooking, supervising, and cleaning up.  At Altitude, we believe parents should have as much fun as the kids. That’s why we’ve created an all-inclusive experience to make your special day simple. Booking a party gets you 2 hours of jump time (all parts of the park included), a personal party host, setup and cleanup, food and bottled water, plates, cups, plasticware and napkins. We can even order the cake! All party packages include a free Altitude t-shirt and a one-hour jump pass for future use. 
  3. Rain or Shine, Trampolines are Divine
    Still not sure? Consider this: whether it’s raining or snowing, 10 degrees or 100, the party will go on in comfort and in style. Our indoor location is perfect for a party that will never get canceled due to weather. So, stop checking the forecast and start thinking about all the fun you’re going to have!
  4. Unique and Unforgettable
    One of the best things about a party at Altitude is how unique it is! Everyone will be talking about their experiences flying through the air, climbing and diving into foam pits.  No need for complicated themes, party games or sugary piñatas, give them healthy play time with friends.  They won’t forget it anytime soon.

  5. More than One Set of Eyes
    By now you may have realized that a party at Altitude Jacksonville will be extremely fun and even healthier than many other options.  But here’s even more good news: we take safety seriously! All jumpers wear special trampoline safety socks with grip bottoms. Safety rules are enforced in every area of the park. Our team members are well-trained in safety and monitor all park areas attentively. We want you to have fun safely. 
Altitude birthday parties are fun for adults and the children. This year skip the video games and screens.  Book an active party with Altitude.  The memories will be priceless.

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August 15, 2018
As a fun-filled opportunity for youth, Altitude Trampoline Park is the best choice for an unforgettable indoor adventure.  Skip the Quick read more or view full article all-night lock-in and the carwash sunburn…  We’ve got you covered for highly engaging, active adventures with tweens, teens and young adults.
The trampoline has grown up.  And it’s exponentially more fun!  Trampoline parks offer a healthy, social place for having fun and making memories.
Here are the top benefits of choosing Altitude Trampoline Park for your next youth group event.
Uniquely Active
Our visitors love jumping at Altitude because of the unique physical activity the park provides.  It’s easy to get your heart rate up and your metabolism moving while just having fun. These health benefits are especially enjoyable when shared with friends and family. They’re just playing around or climbing a wall, but participants can increase their core strength, coordination, reaction time and confidence.
More than One Way to Bounce
The trampoline has grown up.  You might be surprised to see how many options trampoline parks provide. Attractions include the Clip n Climb challenges, extreme dodgeball, a basketball area, several foam pits, and a separate area for toddlers who may come with adults.  Your youth group will be able to reach new heights bouncing, flipping, diving or climbing.     
Great for Team-Building
Camaraderie happens so naturally here.  Laughter and shared experiences make memories that make teams.  This type of experience can be healthy for creating and strengthening friendships. The fun and activity allow opportunity to build a sense of community.  Youth of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds will have fun together in a joyful environment.  
No Weather Worries
Rainouts are never a concern for your group since it’s always the perfect climate inside the park. The weather won’t kill your plans. Here, you can book your occasion with confidence. Watch friendship and fellowship bloom with indoors… hot or cold, rain or shine.
Something for Everyone
Meeting the needs of a diverse group can be tricky. With multiple activities to choose from, Altitude Trampoline Park provides an inclusive environment. From the barely-budding tumbler to the elite gymnast in your group, there is something for everyone. You don’t have to be an athlete (or even a kid) to have a good time here.  Altitude is an ADA certified facility.
With ample physical, social, and community building opportunities, your youth group will enjoy their visit to Altitude Jacksonville.   Reach new heights together at Altitude!  Learn more on our Group Events Page.
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2018 Summer Specials

August 6, 2018
We love being a great destination in Jacksonville.  Here’s a run-down of all our summer specials.  Make sure you catch Quick read more or view full article ‘em while the weather (and the deals) are hot!
Mondays & Wednesdays: Toddler Time
Toddler time is 10am - 12pm every Monday and Wednesday morning. An admission ticket is $6.95 for your toddler and $2.00 for adults plus $2.00 for safety socks that are reusable. Chat with other local moms during a toddler time playdate.
Wednesdays: Military Appreciation Day
Every Wednesday we offer 50% off open jump tickets for military members and their dependents. Summer special ends September 26. Single Marine? Pickup games of dodgeball and basketball are a great break from the barracks!
Friday Nights: Friday Night Friendzy
Do you have an older elementary or middle school age child? Friday Night Friendzy is the perfect hangout for your “almost-teen” and offers a great package deal. For $21.00 ages 9-13 can jump for 3 hours, have 2 slices of pizza and a bottle of water!
Saturday Nights: Teen Night
Ages 13-19 can let loose during our 3-hour special bounce event. Each teen gets two pieces of pizza and a bottle of water. Admission tickets are $21.00. Parents can rest assured their teen is having fun in a safe environment. Win-win for everyone.
Anytime: Family Fun Pack
A perfect active family fun destination, trampolining is good for cross-sports conditioning and practicing tumbling skills safely. Family fun pack includes 4 one-hour admission tickets, 2 adults, and 2 children for $45.00.  Add a pizza for $12.00, and you’ve got an excellent way to share quality time together.
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Back to School "Bounce Down"

August 1, 2018
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Active Kids - Cool Mom!

July 27, 2018
Dear Mom,

We know summers can get a little stressful. The kids are home and getting restless. All that Quick read more or view full article pent-up energy needs somewhere to go. You might need a moment just to sit down somewhere cool while they let it all out on something other than the furniture.

So, Mom, where can your kids can have fun, enjoy themselves in a safe environment, and get rid of their pent-up energy? Altitude Trampoline Park, of course! Enjoy the air-conditioned indoor space and be the COOLEST mom ever!

Altitude’s many features are the perfect recipe for the kids to have an amazing summer while you get a moment to relax. The main court has thousands of square feet of wall to wall trampolines to bounce on. For smaller tikes, the kid's court is a sectioned off area for the kids to play in a monitored, safe environment. Jumpers 4 and up can try our climbing challenges and test their strength and courage. Cheer on your kids on at our Battle Beam while they try to knock their opponent off into the foam pit!

This time of year, the heat index is near 110 degrees, mid-afternoon rain storms roll in, and sunburns are a reality of outdoor play. Cool down at Altitude no matter what the weather outside.

Mom, take a little stress out of summer break and be the coolest mom on the block. Bring your kids to the best trampoline park in the city and we’ll make sure they have fun. We’ve got your back.

Altitude Jacksonville Team Read Less
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Planning a high-flying birthday party

July 20, 2018

Kids and grandkids are our pride and joy! Why not celebrate them in style with a unique birthday party experience? Quick read more or view full article Give them an exhilarating birthday at Altitude!

Birthday parties can be time consuming to plan. You spend time trying to find the right age- appropriate theme, games, entertainment, food, and more... It can really begin to pile up. With an Altitude Party, you’ll be in the “cool zone” without all the stress and time commitment!

When you book a party with Altitude, our team treats you right. Not only do you get 2 full hours of jumping and climbing time for your group to enjoy, we do the set up and clean up! The birthday boy/girl gets a free Altitude T-shirt OR ATP swag bag and an extra jump pass for future use. Also, you won’t have to worry about the weather. Neither freezing rain or sweltering swamp will stop your party. You’re safely indoors where the climate is controlled.

Need food? No problem! Birthday packages are available that include food for up to 20 guests. We’ve partnered with locally owned restaurant Casa Mia to give you party-friendly options, INCLUDING gluten free pizza!

We have plenty of convenient party time slots available for you to reserve. Special discounts are available for weekday parties. Our birthday parties are a favorite for kids but they’re also very popular with youth groups and adults. (just sayin’!)

Take the hassle out of planning your next birthday party and celebrate in style with Altitude Trampoline Park. Relax while the kids have fun or join in the high-flying action. Call today and speak with a party specialist to make your reservation!

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Military Appreciation Days

July 6, 2018
Living and working near a military base impacts how we view those involved in military service. It’s much closer to Quick read more or view full article home. In Jacksonville and Onslow County, most of our friends, family and neighbors are somehow affiliated with the military. Around holidays like the 4th of July, lots of folks celebrate freedom and honor military service. We celebrate it all year long.

Altitude Trampoline Park Jacksonville hosts an official Military Appreciation Day every Wednesday to show our support and appreciation. With a valid military I.D., jumpers receive 50% off open jump prices! Individuals and large groups are welcome to explore trampolines, unique obstacles and foam pits. Altitude is a great place for stress relief and team-building. Bring your fellow Marines or your families to enjoy some adventure and fun together. Reach new heights at Altitude Jacksonville!

We’re proud to offer Military Appreciation Day every Wednesday. We will forever be grateful for the men and women who have fought for the freedom we celebrate. Read Less
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